For today's virtual activity you will be watching middle school chorus videos from 3 different schools. They are all singing the same song, "Circle of Life" from the Lion King. After you watch all 3 videos, you will reflect and answer the questions at the bottom of the page and submit them to Mrs. Huffman (Bond). Try to use musical vocabulary words that we have learned earlier this year. Please remember that this is not for a grade! It is simply a chorus-focused activity to get your brain thinking in a musical way. 

Video 1

Group: Valley Forge Middle School
Song: Circle Of Life

Video 2

Group: ASW Middle School
Song: Circle Of Life

Video 3

Group: Rosslyn Academy 8th Grade
Song: Circle Of Life

Video Reflection and Response
Which group do you think had the best stage presence?
Which group do you think was the weakest?
Which group had the best blend of voices?
Which group could you understand the words the best?

Don't forget to hit "Submit"!