Music At Home!

Below are a bunch of links to musical activities! Just click the black button for each game. I will be updating these as much as I can. I encourage kids to sing at home and continue being musical in some way. Not only is it a great skill to continue, but science also shows it can release chemicals in your brain that improve your mood!

The following SOL Standards are addressed in these online activities:
- MCB.1 - The students will read and notate music
- MCB.3 - The student will demonstrate vocal techniques
- MCB.8 - The student will analyze and evaluate music

Match each musical term with its definition by popping the balloons to make them land on the definitions below. Don't run out of time!

Warm up your voice with this video the same way that we do in class! Be sure to sing with tall vowels, relaxed jaw, and don't force the sound!

Watch this hilarious video cartoon about music! Each handsign is a different character. DO, MI, and SO are best friends. Will they be able to get along with RE, FA, LA and TI? See how many musical terms you can identify in this funny episode! Try to sing along too!

Play this virtual game show about all our music terms! Answer each question correctly without running out of time. There are also bonus rounds and lifelines. So far the highest student score was 2765!

This video is a "level 1" example of sight singing online with a video! It is exactly how we do it in class. This video uses DO-MI-SO skips.

With this game, you are naming letter names of the Treble Clef to spell out a word. How many words can you spell correctly?!

As the moles pop up onto the screen, your job is to only hit the ones that have a music NOTE or a REST (such as quarter note or half rest). Do NOT hit the ones that have other musical symbols (such as piano, forte, sharp, or flat). Good luck!

This video is a "level 2" example of sight singing online with a video! It is exactly how we do it in class. This video uses DO-MI-SO skips.

This game give you two minutes to name as many notes on the bass clef as possible! Remember, you are naming note letter names such as A-B-C-D-E-F-G, NOT handsigns. What's your top score?!

Do you know enough about music to escape this virtual room? Test yourself and see if you can solve the puzzle! Email Ms. Bond if you get stuck or need a clue.

Watch other choirs perform by watching episodes of "Sing That Thing!". Some groups are high schoolers, and some are adults. Which group is your favorite and why?

This is a video you can watch that is actually a singing game! Follow the instructions in the video and learn to sight-sing with confidence. 

Edit: This video uses numbers 1-8 instead of handsigns like we do in class.

Watch this amazing video of a virtual choir! Each person recorded a video of them singing their part, and they put all the videos together. What are some challenges do you think this choir faced while trying to make a virtual performance?

You are going to love creating and making your own song with this amazing website called Incredibox!

Ever wonder what it would be like to sing in an all-male choir? The boys in the Vienna Boys Choir know all about it! Watch this video to get a glimpse into their rehearsals. What pros and cons can you think of when it comes to being in an all-male choir?


Below is a bingo sheet with musical activities that you can do while you are stuck at home! Instead of "BINGO" it is called "SINGO"! Each week has different musical activities. If you can get 5 in a row, write Ms. Bond an email about it and let her know which activities you accomplished!

Mak your own beats online! This website lets you create your own beat and rhythmic song with different sounds. Extra challenge: see if you can write a rap, rhyme, or lyrics to go with the beat you create.


This website creates sight-singing examples for you! Try to sing it yourself first, and then listen to the "hear the answer" recording at the bottom to hear how it goes. 

This game is a copy-cat singing game. You hear a melody, and then you have to copy it like a parrot and sing it or play it back perfectly! Good luck!

This website has a piano and a treble clef staff. First, figure out the note on the line or space, then see if you can find it on the piano!

This game is just like Simon says, except it uses musical notes of the scale. You have to listen to the tune, and play it back perfectly. Good luck!

Click on the "hint" for each round to get a clue. Then, try to unscramble the letters to get the correct term answer! All of the terms are vocab words we have already gone over in class.

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